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PEN-CP News and updates

May 2023

Pencast 19 May

Rupa Ganguli is an Indian social entrepreneur and campaigner for sustainable development and equality within the textile industry. She has founded a series of organizations, including SPINNA Circle and most recently Inclusive Trade, which aims to be the Amazon of fair trade.  Inclusive Trade was named "Small Business Champion 2022”, a joint award of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), International Trade Centre (ITC) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).  Inclusive Trade  recently received a prestigious GOLD Investibility rating from Capital Pilot, the investment rating agency.

Press release
9 May


Prize winners are innovators in cargo scanner image analysis, subatomic

particle scanning and smart container technology

Pencast 4 May (Episode-5)

Enrika Naujokė is co-founder of CustomsClear, an E-learning platform for customs practitioners that aims to engage customs practitioners in continuous professional growth and lifelong learning, and to contribute to the seamless and sustainable movement of goods across borders -

April 2023

Event 27 Apr

CERIS SSRI “Networks of Practitioners” Workshop: Exploitation of outcomes, capability requirements, and future perspectives, Brussels, Belgium - PEN-CP joined a panel session “Planning for the Future: Forward-looking methodologies for identifying and assessing capability requirements”

Event 25-
28 Apr

PEN-CP Year 4 Annual Event, Tirana, Albania - Approximately 45 participants (customs officers over 50%); Keynote speech: “Customs Inside Anywhere, Insights Everywhere” by Frank Heijmann, Dutch Customs, author of the bestselling book available here:  

23 Apr

Conversation with Carlos Grau Tanner, Global Express Association

22 Apr

Conversation with Ricardo Treviño Chapa, World Customs Organization (part 2)

21 Apr

Conversation with Ricardo Treviño Chapa, World Customs Organization (part 1)

14 Apr (Episode-4)

Frank Heijmann is a senior executive in the Customs Administration of The Netherlands, with over 35 years of customs experience. He wrote CUSTOMS: Inside Anywhere, Insights Everywhere, the most complete and up-to-date introduction to the complex world of Customs available in print, published in October 2022 by Trichis Publishing in Rotterdam Frank is now Head of Trade Relations at the Customs Administration of the Netherlands, and guest lectures at several universities

Calls for proposals (Expert Reports ER7

Final submission deadline extension until 19 May 2023. Call texts are available at the PEN-CP website. PEN-CP-2022-ER7: Electronic seals for curtain sided transport — State-of-play & market review

and ER8)

PEN-CP-2022-ER8: Sensor systems as e-seals for curtain-sided transport — customs requirements and future priorities -

PEN-CP Magazine (Issue 16)

March 2023

29 Mar (Episode-3)

Hurricane’s goal is to create a unified data highway that calculates duty and taxes in real time, while screening out prohibited and restricted goods and denied parties. Company leaders David Spottiswood and Martin Palmer share some of their views of the future of data, and explain how their unified vision of data consistency and transparency will benefit all stakeholders, public and private, in the customs universe. -

22 Mar (Episode-2)

On this episode we meet Carlos Grau Tanner, the Director General of the Global Express Association (GEA), who discusses the association’s work on issues such as international trade policy, trade facilitation and customs, e-commerce and air cargo security; highlights some of the valuable resources that GEA makes available to the industry and the general public; and speculates on what the future may hold for customs and express carriers, in a world of ever-growing e-commerce traffic.

Event 16-
17 Mar

OECD Task Force Meeting on Countering Illicit Trade, Paris, France - PEN-CP introduced and 15 leaflets handed out -

Event 14-
16 Mar

Security & Policing Event, Farnborough, UK - PEN-CP promoted alongside UK Governmental Agencies & one dozen leaflets handed out (CBRA & UKBF participating) -

12 Mar (Episode-1)

On the first episode of our Pencast re-launch, we speak with Ricardo Treviño Chapa, Deputy Secretary General of the World Customs Organization, whose diverse background in finance, revenue collection, social security and in customs for Mexico and the Caribbean Region provides invaluable skills and allies for his current role at the WCO. Ricardo’s wealth of previous experiences, and his current leadership of an energetic modernization programme at the WCO, give him unique perspectives on the future of customs innovation.

Event 9 Mar

CERIS Workshop: “Methods and examples of piloting and validation of innovative border management solutions”, Brussels, Belgium - PEN-CP joined one of the panels, presenting: “Project introduction; Spectrum of PEN-CP innovation instruments; and Piloting & testing online & e-learning tools” -


Radiation detection & video streaming, by Marco Panniello & colleagues, Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd  


Update on CELBET activities, by Andras Bartha, Head of CELBET 


Border management standardization roadmap, by Pertti Woitch, PEN-CP Ethics Advisor

February 2023


“Global Textile Scheme (GTS) and Digital Product Pass – details of a new data exchange standard for textile product data and its potentials for European Customs” – by Andreas R. Schneider, CEO, Global Textile Scheme GmbH  


“Muon FLUX: a safer, more automatic, and penetrating inspection scanner technology by GScan” - by Andi Hektor, PhD | Chair of the Board | GScan OU  


“From a Blockathon to a production-grade project on counterfeits”, European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, EUIPO - by Nicolas Hauw, Project Lead 

January 2023

Event 17 Jan

Workshop Swiss and EU start-up support, hybrid online & @Lausanne, Switzerland - PEN-CP used as an example of a EU-funded network of practitioners -project - 

December 2022


“Horizon Europe Project iFLOWS : Advanced technologies for scanning and detection of illicit material for postal services and express courier flows”, by DI Dr. Thomas Staffenberger, iFLOWS Coordinator, Austria,


“The future of global trade data”, by Peter Bulters, CEO of CATTS, the Netherlands, Winner of the WCO Hackathon 2022

November 2022

Event 8 Nov

The 25th Administrative Meeting for National Contact Points of WCO Regional Liaison Office Eastern and Central Europe (RILO ECE), online - PEN-CP introduced to approximately 40 Customs officers across RILO ECE member administrations -


“Muon imaging overview and opportunities for customs”, by Dezso Varga, Head of High Energy Physics Department, Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary


“The solution for the mandatory requirement for complete, accurate and compliant advanced electronic data (AED) in cross-border eCommerce”, by Co-Founder David Spottiswood, Hurricane Commerce 


“Global Express Association (GEA) Customs Capability Database: Tracking trade facilitation implementation from express delivery industry perspective”, by GEA Customs and Security Advisor Dietmar Jost & Director General of the GEA Carlos Grau Tanner, Switzerland

October 2022

Event 24-
26 Oct

EU High-level Customs Risk Management event - during CZ PRES the High-Level Seminar focused on the area of risk management and risk analysis - Prague, Czech Republic - 50 PEN-CP leaflets handed out to all participants, primarily intelligence and risk management directors across all Member States -

Event 18-
20 Oct

WCO Technology Exhibition, Maastricht, the Netherlands - PEN-CP presented to a wide audience during lunch break slot & 100 PEN-CP leaflets handed out (at partner-UNIL booth) - 

Event 13-
14 Oct

CERIS Border Management Expert Group, Brussels, Belgium - 15 PEN-CP leaflets handed out


“Horizon Europe project MELCHIOR - MECHANICAL IMPEDANCE and MULTIPHYSICS CONCEALED AND HIDDEN OBJECTS INTERROGATION” (started on 1.9.2022, 3 year duration), by Project coordinator Professor José Luis Pérez Díaz, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain.

June 2022


Global Customs Innovation Award co-winner UK Border Force (UKBF) & GCIA-2021 submission titled “Designed and embedded carrier connectivity dashboards, to identify carriers importing freight into Great Britain that are not submitting mandated pre-arrival safety and security declarations”, by Chris Hodges and Pardeep Bilkhu


Global Customs Innovation Award GCIA-2021 co-winner Australian Border Force (ABF) & “Innovation activities at ABF”, by Alison Graham

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