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Podcast Resources: Dawn Wilkes of the UPU

The UPU website offers a wide range of resources, that further its mission of facilitatin an optimally functioning supply chain through collaborative efforts with internal and external stakeholders.

For starters, have a look at the Postal Supply Chain page: The UPU provides guidelines, training, discussion forums and technical solutions that help move international mail from origin to destination, respecting international security, transport and customs regulations. It also works to ensure the smooth exchange of electronic data throughout the entire supply chain to ensure a seamless experience for its members and their customers.

This page links to 3 related areas on the following topics, each dense with information and downloadable documents:

The Postal Technology Centre (PTC) is the operational arm of the Telematics Cooperative and manages and coordinates the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) Telematics and Technology activities and projects.

Located at UPU Headquarters in Bern, Switzerland, the PTC carries out the projects and activities approved by the General Assembly and the Management Board of the Telematics Cooperative.

The UPU Members' Centre offers a quick overview of upcoming events of interest to stakeholders, as well as quick access to:

The UPU also offers a wide range of news and media:

Also check out the UPU’s dedicated

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