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PEN-CP collects and analyses customs security user need ideas, across the six PEN-CP customs security themes. Ideas can vary from preliminary, not-yet-well-defined versions to more mature, well-articulated ones, for example in the context of detection technology performance, laboratory device accuracy etc. All ideas are stored on the PEN-CP platform, where they can be revisited, details added, ideas promoted and/or challenged at any time during the project. Close cooperation with key stakeholders – including Customs2020 CDTPG, CELBET and CLEN – is crucial. PEN-CP sheds light on emerging customssecurity user needs!


PEN-CP monitors and categorizes security innovations and innovators –projects, products, prototypes, patents, companies, research institutions, university labs etc – in the broad context of six customs security technologies and management approaches; seeking innovation ideas even outside of customs domain (e.g. police or forensics). The outcomes of the continuous online and offline monitoring are shared on the PEN-CP platform, in an easy-to-use-and-search format (e.g. “show me all available products, patents and research papers on narcotics detection and verification equipment”). Regarding existing tools and technologies, customs partners can share user experiences between each other, ultimately across Europe. PEN-CP spreadsnews from the security innovation sector!


PEN-CP generates matches and analyses gaps between the security innovations and innovators versus, security user need ideas, again in the context of six customs security themes. This process takes place in the PEN-CP InnovationFunnel (see picture on the next page), where the prioritisation of processed items also happens. In case there is a match between a user need idea and an existing security innovation, related PEN-CP partners are informed about the match. PEN-CP facilitates matchmaking between user needs and existing solutions!


When it comes to high priority user need ideas, without direct matches with existing products and projects, PEN-CP can opt to develop tailored content for following purposes: (i) User Requirement specifications; (ii) Prototype Grant specifications; (iii) Standardisation Roadmap; and, (iv) Stakeholder Briefings - including DG TAXUD, Customs2020 expert groups, DG HOME and H2020 briefings. PEN-CP contributes to the future of customs security innovation!

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