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Open calls for submissions - for external experts, innovators, and/or customs administrations to join

PEN-CP is an active innovation boosting network of Customs practitioners. The network publishes calls on various knowledge and innovation instruments and events to find solutions for contemporary customs challenges. You find the full details of open calls here:


Submission deadline 17 April 2023

PEN-CP invites Customs Administrations from all over the world to share information on their innovations for tackling any and all types of customs challenges and problems. The most impressive solutions and most promising ideas will win the trophy of the Global Customs Innovation Award, under the following two submission tracks:

  • Track #1 — Innovative solutions that have already demonstrated their value for customs

  • Track #2 — Innovation ideas that have potential to improve customs operations


Submission deadline 17 March 2023


The PEN-CP Innovation Prize welcomes innovators of security and other customs-relevant technologies, solutions and services to share their leading-edge innovations with the European customs community. Joining the Innovation Prize contest gives the participants an opportunity to promote their customs-relevant technologies and to get a better understanding of the challenges that customs administrations face today. Submissions are done under following two tracks:

  • Track #1 — Products & services already in use by customs

  • Track #2 — Products & services not (yet) in use by customs


Submission deadline 17 March 2023

The PEN-CP Expert Report 7 will analyze the state-of-play of e-seals and sensor systems primarily for curtain-sided trailers from the customs perspective by reviewing existing e-seal products and sensor systems and their suppliers. The scope of the reported information should cover:

  • Features and specifications of e-seal products on the market today

  • Procedures for setting-up, verifying, deactivating and re-using e-seals in practice

  • Comparison of strengths and limitations of different e-seal products


Submission deadline 17 March 2023


The PEN-CP Expert Report 8 will summarize the key needs and requirements customs practitioners have for sensor systems as e-seals on the market or close to the market (TRL 8 and higher). The analysis should also list development priorities for next-generation e-seals from the customs standpoint. To collect this information, PEN-CP will organize kick-off interviews and a mid-term workshop with customs experts.

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