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Please help PEN-CP to complete an address database for all Customs administrations around the world!

Check the information below regarding your country, and enter any missing information, and correct any mistakes; or, simply note that “validated ok”. Please make your contribution by 31 March 2021!

There are two ways to participate:

  1. You can insert you inputs directly inside the table below. To add an input select the cell you want and then click on the comment icon (this icon is on left hand side next to the printer icon)

  2. Or, you can email us with your inputs:  pen-cp (at)


In case you share your email-address with us, you will automatically join the “PEN-CP Coffee break kit” lucky drawing (prize value of approximately 20 Euros; will be shipped to the lucky winners in April 2021)

This “Crowdsourcing facts” -exercise is done in the context of “Global Customs Innovation Award 2021 (GCIA-2021)” action, where all Customs administrations and Customs officers around the world are invited to make submissions on “Improving data quality for Customs use”. We will use the name and address information collected and validated in this exercise, to send letter-mail (or post card) invitations to the General Directors of all Customs administrations. More information on GCIA-2021 action here:

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